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TRUE Golf Shoes Guide

Elevate Sports Co are proud to be a New Zealand stockist and wholesaler for TRUE Linkswear footwear. This guide aims to answer any queries you may have.

TRUE are committed to crafting the highest quality shoes that you and your customers will be proud to wear for any occasion. They’re not a corporation hell-bent on ruling the golf industry; just a group of friends dedicated to sharing their passion and excitement for footwear, and the game.

To get you up to speed on what TRUE is all about, we’ve put together some information that we hope will help you and/or your customers understand our products and values. Of course, if you have any questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to reach out to us at any time at [email protected]


TRUE strive to produce the highest quality products possible. To this end, they’ve built genuine relationships with hand selected suppliers and manufacturing partners.

TRUE make shoes with the walking golfer in mind. All of their models need to be lightweight and comfortable enough to wear before, during and after your round.

At Jack Oliver Golf, we’re not like the other guys; and that’s a good thing. We’ll ensure you have the best experience with TRUE from the moment you place your order.

The TRUE Story

Over a decade ago, a small collective of golfers sat around a table at their local coffee shop and all agreed on one thing: golf shoes were horrible. After a few days of links golf and a few Guinness, TRUE linkswear was born. On a mission to craft the first golf shoe designed by and for the walking golfer, TRUE was focused on delivering revolutionary golf shoes with comfort, natural motion and versatility at their core.

Two brothers – one a PGA TOUR winner and the other a creative turned shoe developer – are more focused now, more than ever, on continuing to innovate the golf shoe space. Based out of the Pacific Northwest, TRUE continues to re-shape the definition of what golf shoes should look like, feel like, and, perhaps most importantly, where they can be worn. With hundreds of thousands of pairs made, TRUE has now established itself as the premier footwear brand of choice for the discerning golfer.

Materials matter. Which is why you’ll immediately notice the difference in our approach to building high quality footwear. Every material we use is ethically sourced to produce the best possible product.

Our game is rooted in ethics, and so is our company. We believe in treating our employees and customers the way we’d like to be treated. We’re dedicated to leaving a lighter footprint on our planet by utilising recycled post-consumer waste wherever possible to build products, and eschewing the traditional shoe box in favour of re-usable (value-adding) shoe bags for every pair (2021 forward).

Our industry can be steeped in tradition, but our businesses don’t have to be. We believe that innovation and creativity, when mixed with time-tested best practices, is the alchemy of business. This is why our business model eliminates exorbitant costs regularly seen with mega-brands and big-box retail, passing along greater quality products at better prices for our dedicated patrons.

We believe nature is the greatest engineer – and our shoes follow its lead. Our goal is to harness the power of the human body and provide protection and support where it needs it most. Whether it’s our industry leading waterproofing (most golf shoes can’t hold a candle to our methods), or our new WANDERLUX™ foam outsoles that provide rebound and comfort for long days on the links – the aim of our technology is to enhance comfort and synchronize with nature.


TRUEs are designed around the natural shape of your foot. Normal shoes, put plainly, mess up your feet. Over time you’ll notice your feet looking like the ‘average foot’ referenced above. Most golf shoes follow a design more akin to a dress shoe, which cram your toes into an unnatural position, causing discomfort, pain, long term foot issues, and a lack of balance throughout your stride/swing.

TRUEs on the other hand allow your toes to naturally spread out, providing the ultimate in comfort, foot strength, balance, and traction. That’s why all of our shoes are practically wide, and not unnaturally narrow.

The TRUE Original family (Original, OG Feel and OG Premium) provide the widest fit, accommodating up to 2E or 3E in width.

TRUE Lux models are slightly more form fitting, while still allowing your toes to spread more than the average shoe, accommodating up to a 2E in width.

Humans weren’t born with high heels for a reason. We didn’t develop them over all the years of human evolution quite simply because they do us much more harm than good. Higher or raised heels cause alignment issues in your body, starting at the foot, transferring to your knees, hips and back. They don’t do anything for balance or traction either – in fact, they hinder both. TRUEs are built to have a natural platform, with no raised heels, healthy and comfortable on the body, increasing balance in your stride and swing.

Zero Heel Drop – The TRUE Original platform (OG Feel, Original, OG Premium) and the lifestyle platform (Eco Knit, TL-01) feature our zero drop design, with an ultra thin sole for more feedback, feel and power. Zero drop simply means that the shoe has no forced heel lift, making the shoe completely level from heel to toe.

Transitional Drop – TRUE Knit II, Lux Knit and Lux Pro feature our new ‘Transitional Drop’ platform. Allowing the heel to naturally sit within the cushion, we have elevated the heel by 4-6mm (traditional drop shoes can provide 12-24mm of unnecessary heel lift). After your weight is distributed throughout the sole, your feet will sit virtually flat, allowing your body’s natural ability to balance and provide strength to your gate/swing.

Don’t let your customers be one of those people, racing to the parking lot because they can’t wait to take off their blisteringly uncomfortable golf shoes, sitting on the back of their car changing their shoes so they can go back into the 19th hole for a refreshment. TRUEs seamlessly transition from the office, to the course, and to dinner after – without skipping a beat.

TRUE have accomplished this by providing the type of cushioning that your customers want on their feet all day long. Sock fit openings, lusciously padded inserts, and cross life tread will make these your customers’ favourite new go-tos. Not only their favourite golf shoes – their favourite shoes, period.


TRUEs are built on a natural platform meaning they allow your foot to function naturally as when you are not wearing shoes. They do not feature traditional arch support but are flatter, more flexible, wider in the toe box and based on a neutral platform with minimal to zero heel-to-toe drop to allow your feet to function naturally. This allows for full range of motion and flexibility to allow your feet full mobility.


In the past, yes, but all current models feature a performance spikeless outsole. TRUE’s stance is simple – besides being motivated to make shoes that can adapt to whatever terrain you face (i.e. rubber spikeless outsoles), spikes are pretty uncomfortable. Besides that research indicates TRUE’s spikeless outsoles perform just as well in any lie or condition. Be comfortable, play well, #enjoythewalk


Yes, some TRUE models boast the best waterproofing available in the industry (Original, OG Premium, Lux Knit and Lux Pro). We utilise full bootie waterproofing technology, often only used in extreme outdoor shoes, tested to three times the industry standard (50k+ Step Dynamic WP Test to be nerdy about it). TRUE guarantee this waterproof bootie to keep you dry on and off the course for 2 years.


Of course. Customers can add their own orthotics and inserts or, when the time comes to freshen up, simply replace it with one of TRUE’s.


Please measure your foot to ensure you are getting the right size. TRUE sizes might be smaller than other shoes you own. If you’re between sizes, please size up.

Foot Length Measurements – this length reflect the measurement of your barefoot from heel to the end of your longest toe. The corresponding size allows for the extra toe room required for a comfortable fit.

Foot Length (cm)US MenUS WomenEuro


US 4

US 5.5-6



US 5

US 6.5-7



US 6

US 7.5-8



US 7

US 8.5-9



US 7.5

US 9



US 8

US 9.5-10



US 8.5

US 10



US 9

US 10.5-11



US 9.5

US 11



US 10

US 11.5-12



US 10.5

US 12



US 11



US 11.5



US 12



US 13



US 14



US 15


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